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CI Smart Company was founded by Mr. Habeeb mohammed And started in year 2016 in Chennai to repair and service mobiles and tablets. The company later focused on best quality Accessory Sales along with mobile services of smart phones, tablets, IPods and laptops and finally diversified into an Institute to conduct courses to impart knowledge on the areas that it seemed to excel.

Now CI Smart has become a reputed cell phone repair service company with a chain of outlets and service centers spread all across Chennai.We offer everything with the latest in Technology to take care of your Cell Phone and Laptop Repairs. CI Smart is a one stop destination and your reliable gadget care centre for

There was a period of time when if you had a problem with your cell phone you could just throw it away and get another one. With the advances in technology and consumer demand, most cell phones are now smart Phones, and these phones are not cheap to replace! Here is how an opportunity is born. The slowing economy is creating a savvy consumer that is more apt to Recycle and Re-use their device instead of willingly shelling out several thousand for a new cell phone, iPod or a Laptop. Realistically, not many consumers want to go through a steep learning curve just to learn another device. This has paved way for our steep growth in the market for the service needs.



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